Bailey and Pim


Specialising in gourmet tea and coffee, Bailey and Pim is a full-service dining establishment located in the historic seaside village of Dun Laoghaire.

Charlotte Pim
WC Bailey

We celebrate a long history and some remarkable people:
The Baileys and The Pims.

The Pims have long been associated with Dún Laoghaire, formerly known as Kingstown. Famous for their role in bringing the railway to Kingstown, the Pim family shaped the history of this beautiful Victorian seaside town.

The Pim sisters, Isabella, Charlotte, and Jane, were known far and wide for their hospitality and charitable work. Historical records show they were involved in managing a cholera hospital at 87 Lower George's Street during the 1860s—and so began a legacy of compassionate care reaching out to the furthest corners of the world.

Their friend, Wellesley Bailey, travelled through Kingstown Harbour in the early 1870’s on a life-changing voyage to India, where he first met patients with leprosy. In 1874, the Pim sisters invited Wellesley and his fiancée, Alice, for tea in their living room. Wellesley told them tales of people forced to live in isolation because of this cruel, disabling disease. 

The compassionate Pim sisters were determined to help and in 1874, with a pledge to raise £30, The Leprosy Mission was born. From humble beginnings, The Leprosy Mission has grown to become the largest anti-leprosy network in the world.

The vision of Bailey and Pim lives on. Now known as The Mission to End Leprosy, this Irish organisation continues to treat and prevent leprosy and a range of other tropical illnesses across Africa and Asia.

At Bailey and Pim, we pay homage to these extraordinary visionaries of the past. All of our profits are donated to The Mission To End Leprosy, continuing the work of Bailey and Pim who once frequented 87 Lower George’s Street.

Bailey and Pim: serving since 1874.